Mieke Annick Geijsemans
o 25/04/1960 - + 08/08/2011

The CIB league is an association which was founded by and for patients who suffer from Chronic Inflammatory Connective Tissue Diseases (CICTD, in Dutch : Chronische Inflammatoire Bindweefselziekten or CIB), in association with medically and social experts. They have their own site www.cibliga.be where you can find a lot of information about these diseases, such as …

What are chronic inflammatory connective tissue diseases ?

They constitute a group of autoimmune diseases with common symptoms, of which the cause remains unknown. These diseases are chronic (long-term) and manifestations may fluctuate, with periods of remissions alternated with flares.

Inflammation may occur everywhere in the body at the level of the connective tissue, also called supporting tissue because it connects all the body parts.

For a reason still unknown, there is a flaw in the body’s defence system : immunity. Instead of attacking foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, ...) it will attack its own body cells, by producing a high amount of autoantibodies that cause inflammation diseases : autoimmune diseases.

Since the inflammation may occur in various parts of the body they are called systemic diseases.
(M. Walravens, rheumatologist, MCRS (Medical Center Rijnmond South), the Netherlands.