Mieke Annick Geijsemans
o 25/04/1960 - + 08/08/2011
Dear visitor,

My name is Mieke Annick Geijsemans (aka Xenia Preston). I am born in 1960. Writing on this very moment (May 2004) I am therefore 44 years young. I am the mother of 2 sons : Kevin and Yannick.

In 1994, the doctors ascertained that I had the chronic disease scleroderma (system sclerosis). I have been taking a lot of daily medicines ever since. In 1996, I couldn’t manage my job any longer and I was declared disabled. I experience a lot of trouble in daily live just to do the most simple things. Recently I have learned that I also suffer from Sjogren.

During my youth I studied music but I stopped after High School (1978). In 1997, I noticed that I couldn’t play piano anymore. At that time, music seemed to be like a far past for me and I sold my piano.
A second attempt came when I saw the musical “Les Misérables”. I got back the taste of it but it was not until April 2003 that I decided to start over again and to take singing lessons. I used the Internet searching for information about singing lessons and vocal coaching. That's how I found the opera-soprano Francoise Vanhecke.

After some contact through e-mail, Francoise invited me for an audition in the academy of Kortrijk. My friend convinced me to grab this chance and drove me to Kortrijk. It was September 2003 and I re-discovered the hobby from my youth. I wondered if I could still sing after all those years. My physical situation had not improved, on the contrary. Singing was however something that still was possible for me. Although it’s a really physical effort, singing makes me feel great.

At that time, I started to dream. If you want to find out more about this dream ... click the button “My dream” or select this link.