Annick Geijsemans
Mieke Annick Geijsemans
o 25/04/1960 - + 08/08/2011

As you could read before, I started singing again. But that’s not all ...

I'm dreaming of making my own CD. It would be a CD with songs that should please the large public. The profit of that CD will be donated to charity : research concerning the causes of system sclerosis, Sjogren, Lupus and related (chronic) diseases. Perhaps future medicines will be more effective. If you would like to know more about these diseases, please click on the button 'CIB-League' or select this link.

It’s not my intention to sing all the songs myself but I hope to convince a couple of well-known artists to co-operate in this project.

Talking about myself ... I don't know how much time I have left. It's very well possible I will not be able to try "the medicine". In spite of this, I want to realize this dream. Unfortunately I am not strong enough to cruise through the country in order to give evening performances.

I already found a title for the CD ... "Running out of time".